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K&HAlkaline H2O

My name is Khanh Truong and my wife is Hong Truong. we alway look for better health. you see everything we do and eat they all very highly acidic. that will cause a lot of damage to your body, and the diseased and other sickness  and so on......

I taking a lot different medications, and I still have lot of problem, I am look for some things to changes my life  and friend of my say water, i thought i was joking, so he told me your body is 70% of water why treat the 30%, that have made me thinking harder. so  I do more research. i found Alkaline Water. I just like you i bough some water but they are very expensive I can not afforded, so i find the way to make better and more affordable. I start to make the water and I drink the water. I start feel much better, the more i drink the better i feel. So i am thinking a lot of people just like me. So i decided to open a alkaline water store, so i can help people feel better, and less medications.

I used water for everything from drinking, cooking, mouth wash, make coffee and tea the taste are awesome.

​now I hardly take any medications, i do not take allergy  any more

My goal is to help many people stay healthy and happier life, that make us happy.

Thank you for your support

Khanh Truong

welcome to K&H Alkaline H2O Store.