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The Alkaline System is comprised of six stages of filtration for optimum purification. The system begins with a sediment filter to remove large particles and is followed by GAC carbon filters, Carbon Block filter and membrane filter. That completes the reverse osmosis process.The Purified water is then treated further by an Alkaline Antioxidant filters to create water that make us fell good and then pass through taste and odor filters ( this unit can produce 75 gpd and use less wasted water.

Premium Six Stage Filtration System

Price: $1200.00

Our Micro filtration whole house system are non -back washing units with one significant advantages. there is no wasted water and no use of energy. it is less expensive the most whole house filters, and request little or no maintenance during their lifetimes.

When the materials are exhausted you simply purchase a refill kit and replace the old material with the new. 

Our system can Produce a interrupted supply of pure, filtered water throughout the home. all the water that used for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, and landscaping benefits from being purified by one central system.the whole house Systems safeguard health and protect plumping and applications from staining, corrosion, and scales. it will remove hundred of contaminants 

Alkaline System under sink

Price: $1300.00

Alkaline Antioxidant Water

K&HAlkaline H2O

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