New anti-aging enzyme

Removes Chlorine

Vitamine C With Citrus Aroma

Sophisticated Technology for "Soft" Waterfall Effect

Emits negative ions

Natural Moisturizer (relieves skin irritations)

Aromatherapy (smell GOOD!!)

maintain shower area ( clean less often!)

Purifies air

Refresh, Relaxing, Relieves Headaches

Silkens hair and skin Reduce hair loose (Skin and hair have a Healthy Glow)

Price $ 190.00

Price $ 90.00

Price $ 125.00

Price $ 150.00

Price $ 150.00

Wall mount shower head.

Alkaline Antioxidant Water

12989 Bellaire Blvd #3A

Houston, TX 77072


Bluewash shower head.

K&HAlkaline H2O

For more information call   713-444-2591

pretise  shower head.

  Benefits of Shower Heads

K&HAlkaline H2O

Aromatherapy & vitamin C

Small shower head.

Upgrade. Your shower Experience

Large shower head.