Alkaline Water Pitcher .Benefits

Provides lots of energy and mental clarity!

Powerful Antioxidants And Hydrogen to 

scavenge free radicals! 

Balance body Ph to promote wellness and 

help prevent disease! and more

Alkaline Pitcher filter 

Price: $35.00

Price: $15.00

 Top Water Pitcher filter

Price: $45.00

Price: $39.00

Price: $40.00

Price: $150.00

For more information call   713-444-2591

K&HAlkaline H2O

12989 Bellaire Blvd #3A

Houston, TX 77072


Price: $25.00

Alkaline Antioxidant Water

Price: $30.00

Alkaline bottle:

It can turn and filtered water and water bottles into alkaline drinking water any any where

Alkaline/hydrogen stick

just drop the stick in the bottle water 


‚ÄčK&HAlkaline H2O